To Be listed/photographed in the Spartan Pride and our website you must have a media release on file with the S.H.S.F.B.C.

In general, this pertains to the following people:

  • Players
  • Cheerleaders
  • Band Members
  • Color Guard
  • Coaches
  • Instructors
  • Administrators

If you have already submitted a media release we have it on file and you are in compliance and do not have to re-submit.

People who have to submit a release

  • All freshman players, cheerleaders, band members, color guard
  • New Coaches, Instructors, Admins
  • All Players, cheerleaders, band members, and color guard who are new/transferred to the school this year.
  • All Players, cheerleaders, band members,  and color guard who just joined their organization this year.

Any questions please ask your class rep or S.H.S.F.B.C liaison

Download Player Release

Download Cheerleader Band Member Color Guard Release

Download Coach Instructor and Administrator Release

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