The success of the S.H.S.F.B.C. is due in large part to all the effort of our volunteers.  In order to help things run more smoothly, there are responsibilities that have been broken down by grade level.  For every home game, there are specific assignments scheduled on a rotational basis by the team mom.  At the end of every home game, we have a tailgate next to the Snack Shack for all the players, cheerleaders and their families.  Specific food items are to be donated for the designated game(s).  Please see the list below for what is expected:

Grade Level Game Day Responsibilities

(Home Games only)

Tailgate Donations
  • Snack Shack
  • “Grill-masters”

(Must arrive ~1 hour before game and stay to clean up after)

Case of water / Gatorade
  • Hang all banners before game
  • Remove banners immediately at the end of game
  • Sell game day programs before and during game
  • Apparel Table (Arrive 45 minutes prior to game time.)
Meat dish (meatballs or chicken parm)

(2-chicken parm, 1- buffalo chicken sliders, 2-meatball & sauce from Villa)

  • Set up for tailgate
  • Serve food at tailgate
  • Clean up after tailgate
Pasta dish or chicken fingers

(1 tray penne vodka, 1 tray chicken fingers, 2 trays ziti from Villa)

  • Host senior dinners the night before every game. (home and away)
Financial contribution to provide a 6-foot sub and fried chicken at every tailgate

Snack Shack Volunteers – arrive 1 hour prior to kick-off to help set up the shack.  Plan on staying until everything is cleaned up and closed up.

Program Salespeople– arrive 45 minutes prior to the home games to sell, usually finishing in the 1st quarter.  You will meet at the apparel tent and take the stacks of programs to the front gate to sell.  If it is a game where we are handling pre-orders, someone will remain at the apparel tent to handle those while the other person goes to the gate.

Apparel Sales – Arrive 45 minutes prior to game time to set up merchandise at apparel tent. Sell until end of the game. Pack up remaining merchandise.

Banner hanging volunteers – should report to the snack shack at 9 am the day of the varsity game and then after the game to take the banners down.

Tailgate donations – Part of our home game tradition is a tailgate after the game.  All players/cheerleaders and families are invited to participate.  We find approx 60-70 players & families.  We have an arrangement with Villa Capri where they will deliver pre-ordered trays of food for the tailgate so you don’t have to leave the game early to pick up food.  When ordering from Villa Capri, (973-729-6654) please place your order at least 2 days prior to game day.  Also, please pay at the time of order to avoid the difficulty of them having to track you down during our tailgating.

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